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The Importance of Playing (Kitten Week 2020)

Kittens are most playful around the age of 7-14 weeks. Cats are most impressionable and fragile when they are kittens, so it's important to make sure the toys are safe and teach them behavioral and social skills, as well as increasing the kitten's physical coordination. 
A  simple stuffed animal can be a great cat toy. The stuffed animal is durable and the kitten cat pounce, claw, bite. The stuffed animal can also build social skills by giving the kitten the opportunity to lick and hug.*Stuffed animals with holes or stuffed animals containing beads pose a safety threat to kittens*PHOTO SOURCE: INSTAGRAM: grey.vs12

The toy kittens play with should have these at least one of these qualities:Able to hugAble to ambush Able to lickAble to scoop, toss, bite, and holdAble to chance, pounce, and leap onAll toys should be safe There are two types of playing: social and objectSocal Play Actions:                                                             Hugging��������������������������…

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